You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Randy's Auto Service:

These guys are the best. Even though I live far away, I take my car there because I know it will be fixed right, for a reasonable price. The staff is outstanding and friendly, and you can always be confident that it will be fixed right the first time. I have a lot of confidence in these people and once you start using them, you will too! Thanks to everyone at Randy's for helping me with my car from appointment to driving it away!

Kathleen M.

I just wanted to say a quick Thank You to Randy and Caleb for coming out to my home on their day off to handle an issue with my Tacoma . I've been a customer for about 5 yrs now and have always experienced nothing but great service !!! . Thanks again....

Kris Harris

I was very impressed with the level of service at this shop and didn't feel that I had been taken I was kept informed about my vehicle being serviced and the price was very reasonable I will take my vehicle there again.


Randy delivered exactly what he said he would on time and on budget. He quoted me a price to replace the clutch of my 2005 Jeep and suggested a time the work would be complete. The work was done by the time suggested and without any additional "hidden" or "discovered" costs. Randy even offered to drive me to and from home to save my 12 mile round trip walk. Randy pointed out a few other vehicle needs and offered his services again, should I choose to complete the work, without any pressure. I would/will recommend Randy's Auto Service to others.

Satisfied Jeeper

After reading Daniel's review, I felt that I needed to write my own. I have been going to Randy for my auto repairs for ALL of my cars for longer then I can remember. I have never had a bad experience, his prices have always been more then fair and you will not find a shop with better machanics. I always reccomend Randy to my family and friends and everyone that I have sent to Randy will now go nowhere else. One thing I know for sure is that if you have any issues with work they have preformed Randy will go out of his way to address them. Do yourself a favor, give them a try, you will never go any where else again

Jeff B

Randy's shop is one of the most professional, courteous and knowledgeable shops I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend him for any repairs that need to be done. His mechanics are very good at what they do and are fair about their estimates. As we all know, cars can be expensive to repair and it is nice to know there is someone around who will be honest and fair when dealing with customers.

Nick H

I have taken my car to their shop and always been happy with their work; they are very honest and competent.

Far M

Had a 1995 Ford Explorer that just would not start. Lived in Colorado Springs at the time. Brought it to 2 Garages in the Springs. They connected it to the computer and it said it was the Fuel pump. They replaced it twice as problem kept coming back. Finally had enough. Moved to Broomfield and towed Explorer to Randy's. Told him the problem. He looked at it. Connected it to the computer and it told him it was the fuel pump. I had explained to him what happened in the past. He went further and found it was A RELAY THAT WENT BAD, not the pump. Previous two garages never went this far. Replaced relays and problem was solved. Great Job, Randy!!!

Greg Q. of Broomfield

Thank you for your fine service in fixing my car recently. I can always count on you and your fine staff to do what is necessary and I know you try to keep my expenses as low as possible. I can always trust you to do it well.

L. Weed of Broomfield

My family and I have been using Randy's Auto Service for all of our auto service needs now for close to 10 years. We have always received exceptional service, so we have referred many friends to Randy's and they have always raved about the positive, well done, trustworthy service they have received as well. Recently, we had a brake line go out on one of our vehicles - we were driving across country the very next morning. Randy personally stayed after hours on a Friday night along with another mechanic, Mike, and repaired our vehicle. This is UNHEARD of with other businesses. I would HIGHLY recommend working with this auto shop. We have always been very pleased with the outcomes and not once have we been pressured into fixing a hundred other things that many shops say need to be done so they can earn an extra buck. Very trustworthy and we will keep coming back!

K S of Westminster

Not enough people write a review about good experiences, so I am writing one regarding Randy's. I went to a few other mechanics to have an estimate for repairing my son's VW Beetle. My ex-usual mechanic said it would cost $900, another said he could do it for around $700. When I went to Randy's Auto Service (per my daughter in-laws suggestion), he said that if he replaced the whole unit (catalytic converter and downpipe) it would cost me around $700; however, if I let him just repair the split pipe, he could do it for $230. Randy has become my #1 mechanic of choice, and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting alternatives to expensive repairs.

Bob V of Louisville

I am a single woman who needs a good place to take my vehicles and not get ripped off by the mechanics. I found Randy's after another mechanic charged me over 1000.00 dollars for his services. These Guys are GREAT! They are Honest, Polite, and will discuss what's going on with your vehicle before they repair it. They will discuss cheaper options with you (if you'd like to go that route). They are Wonderful! Thanks Guys for your great Service and the work you do! Thank you for your Honesty!

Stephanie T. of Broomfield

Helpful Service - The staff at Randy's Auto and Randy himself have been so helpful with my project of restoring a 1971 Land Cruiser. Not only are they helpful and knowledgeable in servicing of old relics like this, but I would not hesitate to take my 2007 Ford and 2006 Honda to them instead of the dealership. They tell the truth, and fix what needs to be fixed. They are polite, and they kindly provide honest service and fantastic prices. I plan on being a customer for a very long time - I recommend them to everyone!

Fred S. of Broomfield

I took my 1994 Ford Ranger, which has 165,000 miles, to Randy's Auto Service in Broomfiled, Co. It has been an excellent truck with little cost to me. I know it's old and would probably need some work. Randy's auto treated it as if it was not old and tired, but like they wanted to keep it on the road as long as I wanted to. My obvious electrical problem was an alternator. The noise that I suspected was the mufflers, plus the exhaust pipe. I forgot to tell them about that but they called me anyway to suggest replacing them. They also wanted to know if I wanted to fix the transmission, and rear end leak. And a couple of other small items needed to be replaced. Finally, I found a shop that would help me keep my old friend going. What a relief. My son recommended Randy's to me. His business trucks have been well taken care of by Randy for several years. Darn, I just remembered, I wanted him to balance my tires. Next time! Randy also inspected my brakes and told me I shouldn't wait too long to replace my pads. You can be sure I'll see him again.

Morgan Randolph